What the Early Worm Gets

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Alcohol Abuse (problem drinkers) and Alcoholism (drinking problems) constitute the top public health and public safety issues in America, to the tune of $220 billion per year.  Alcohol overuse is our number one killer and is behind more illness than any other aspect of our society including cancer and obesity.  As more people join your insurance pool this decade with health insurance reform, the amounts people drink and how they get help – if they need it – ARE your business. Here’s a biting book on the differences between alcohol abusers and those with Alcoholism from a writer who silently and rapidly hit bottom and bounced off it a few times. What is the disease, what isn’t, what constitutes treatment? What happens when an “ordinary,” educated, middle-class man does hard time for drinking and driving? How does the system today fail?

Excerpt From Early Worm To Early Bird

Alcoholism book What the Early Worm Gets
AMAZON five-star book What the Early Worm Gets

Amazon.com, Sept. 24, 2013
"Have you ever wondered what you would like to do with a person who drinks and drives? Different people will give some very different answers to that question, but what would be the most (costand help) effective way? In “What the Early Worm Gets” Scott Stevens writes about his personal experience with one judicial and correctional system in place in the US today that deals with those offenders. Unfaltering standing up for his mistakes and honest to the bone about his life as an alcoholic he writes as an intellectual, not as an angry victim – although as the reader I often got angry at the way an ill person is misdiagnosed, mistreated, angry at the waste of tax resources and the short sightedness of some of the existing programmes. Stevens points out many lesser known facts and statistical data about alcoholism, clears up some common misconceptions and misleading terminology and gives constructive ideas for changes and amendments to current policies. Fully knowing his science Stevens presents his material with the skill of a sharply minded professional journalist. By bringing his own life and his dramatic experiences into the writing with understandable emotion but also objectivity and honest assessment of his path I find it difficult to imagine that someone could not agree with his findings and conclusions. This is a well written, informative and perspective changing essay that should be made compulsory reading to those in charge of alcoholics and alcohol abusers everywhere."


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