Physician-reviewed alcohol & health education series

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The A-Files, Alcohol A-Z CD-ROM with all 26 episodes of the series (seen below), plus fact sheet PDF files for each segment.
Great companion tool for physicians, educators, counselors, recovery coaches, social workers, interventionists and other helping professions.

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Breast Cancer


Dementia & Brain Health

Economic Costs

Fetal Alcohol Exposure


One in 10 adults in the U.S. knows that alcohol is a carcinogen. It's only the third-leading cause of preventable death and illness in the country! Every third grader in the U.S. knows tobacco smoke is carcinogenic and 'smoking kills.' The difference is in how we position alcohol education. For the last half century, alcohol education spun on: 1) Alcohol is safe, and can be “used responsibly” as long as you aren't the alcoholic 2) You don't want to be the alcoholic 3) You'll die of cirrhosis or 4) You'll cause a car wreck. Paleolithic thinking. For the next decade, it will turn to health risks of drinking a toxin and known carcinogen, a drug, that – even in moderate use – causes $250 billion in economic damage every year.


Heart Health

Immune Function

Judgment & Reaction Time

Kidney Health

Life Expectancy

The number one public health issue today isn't heroin use, Zika viruses or tainted drinking water. It's alcohol consumption.

This A-Z compilation spans 26 episodes (listed below) in HD hosted by multiple-award-winning recovery author and journalist, Scott Stevens. Each episode is about two minutes in length. The entire series is packed into one disc along with .pdf fact sheets to go along with each seqment. Preorder for only $99 before it hits Amazon at $199.

Mood Disorders




Quit to protect the liver 


In 1967, the year I was born, 72 percent of adult males smoked. We didn't know the health risks to ourselves, let alone to others breathing our fumes. Fast forward two generations. Today, only 18 percent of adult males smoke. Because we've changed the way we educate about smoking. If we stand a chance of creating a healthier country, lower medical costs/cheaper premiums, increased productivity, and better access to health care, we're going to need to change the spin on alcohol education. Start younger (we teach 'smoking is bad' in kindergarten) AND shift the dialogue away from alcoholic use and impaired driving toward what alcohol does to otherwise healthy tissue in even moderate use.

Skin Damage

Tiredness & Sleep

Underage Drinking

Vitamin Deficiency

Weight control

X&Y Chomosomes

Younger Strokes

ZERO health benefit

alcohol education


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